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2 min readMar 4, 2023


Trying to predict the way we will buy products online and offline in the future is not an easy task.

On one hand we have Crypto which is the biggest threat that ever existed to Fiat money so far,

Crypto stands for equality and privacy which both seem extremely important.

On another we are watching by while most major countries worldwide are beginning to test the new digital form of cash.


What is CBDC?

Central Bank Digital Currency.

is CBDC a good investment?

CBDC/Digital Fiat usage is on the rise and appears to be inevitable.

There are a few risks involved of course and it is probably not going to be adopted all at once,

Considering the risk of total loss of personal privacy and that it might be used as a way to increase discrimination

it is unlikely to be such a blessed and profitable financial instrument in the long term.

What is CBDC backed by?

CBDC is a digital form of cash (fiat) which is backed and controlled by the federal reserve.

Will CBDC replace cash?

Cash is not going anywhere so quickly, Bank notes and coins are still the most popular to pay for

most of goods and services around the world, But in long term thinking we might see an extreme denial of services in cash

payment starting with essentials such as supermarkets which will encourage people to use the digital form.


That is the million dollar question,

Since cryptocurrency exists as an alternative to fiat and the technology behind it(Blockchain) is the one CBDC will use to secure and operate itself it is a matter of time until the rest of the negative factors holding Fiat money is involved with such as inflation and lack of sustainable interest in holding it will be so clear that assets such as Bitcoin will seem as the only logical explanation to WHAT IS MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Of course there is a long way and this process will sure take some time,

Time will tell how right or wrong this article is/was,


we will probably use both,



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