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2 min readFeb 24, 2023


No matter what type of crypto business you are operating it is almost certain you have asked yourself how to promote your crypto project without the help of major search engines simply because it’s restricted and almost impossible to run decent ads. This is a major problem and a very sad one for many enthusiastic project owners.

So we developed CoinAds

CoinAds is a revolutionary way to run crypto ads and also monetize your traffic. It’s a crypto focused ad network that specializes in promoting all kinds of blockchain related websites, apps and Dapps.

CoinAds allows you to reach millions of crypto users and optimize your results with our sophisticated metrics and anti-fraud mechanism.

And this is where Asia Coin plays a role, By paying with ASIA you will be eligible to discounts and other bonuses!

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Advertising costs money , but worth as Gold


You can rest assure all the traffic is real (humans and not bots).

Test your strategy with a minimum of 5 usd deposit and get started.

You can pay for your ads and get paid in all major crypto currencies.

PayPal and bank deposits are also acceptable.

Promote your crypto wallet app/Dapp

Promote your NFTs

Promote your crypto exchange

Promote your token

Learn more about advertising opportunities!

More ways to build your advertising campaign such as pop up/under, PRs (Press releases) and more,

we support everything!

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