CoinAds Referral Program

CoinAds referral program allows users to earn money from advertiser and publisher referrals. CoinAds system support referral banners or referral text links for referral promotion.


You can earn from both advertiser referrals and publisher referrals. Earnings are realised from advertiser referrals when the referred advertisers spends money in CoinAds network. Similarly earnings from publisher referrals are realised when the referred publishers generates revenue from CoinAds system. Detailed reports are available for referral visits and referral earnings. You can either request withdrawal from referral balance or transfer the same to your own advertiser account.

Get Started Now

01-Sign UP

Sign up for a free advertiser / publisher account

02-Referral Code

Put our referral code in your websites

03-Earn Money

Earn money from CoinAds

*Powered by AsiaX Team



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