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3 min readDec 16, 2022


“AsiaX Vision”

It may sound like a dream.The truth is it’s not that easy,especially when you have no relation with this industry,No capital,and nobody to support/teach you anything about it.

You are probably thinking:


(Most)People don’t/won’t buy diamonds as an investment.

Gold is easier to sell and the price you’ll get will be more “fair”.

The diamond could be fake or lab grown and you’ll buy it as a natural at the highest price.

The price of diamonds might go down and the lab grown diamonds are possible to be a part of it.

There are more cons to think of.

While all that may be true in reality:


Diamond prices are stable compared to other markets and it seems that so is the supply.

Diamonds are tradable worldwide.

Diamonds are easy to hold and maintain.

A certificate of diamond with a laser inscription is very helpful and some certificates are highly respected by diamond dealers worldwide-that makes diamonds highly tradable online and offline easily and efficiently.

Diamonds are beautiful. (Well,that’s an opinion but wouldn’t you agree?)

Which diamond to start with as an investment?

That’s the hard part

-White certified diamonds,D-F colors,VS+,3EX Cut with NONE fluorescence will probably be easier to sell online and also offline since there is a steady demand.

Trust will be always a key factor when buying/selling a diamond but the options are getting wider thanks to the internet and now blockchain.

While selling to a jewelry shop or an end-user there has to be some kind of good relationship based on trust in order to get the market price + your commission.

Most chances you will be told to leave the shop if you just enter with a sales speech.

There has to be a way

By making calls and making appointments with the right person inside the diamond/jewelry/investments related companies there is a much higher chance to start showing your goods and negotiating.

Of course your price will have to be competitive and some companies might ask for some credit which is basically taking the diamond without paying (hopefully for just a while)but there is a price for that too.

Once “you are in” you can start earning and raising up the prices for your stones/services.

Retail prices are still extremely higher than wholesale prices and that makes the whole industry still profitable after all.


All content written above should not be considered as any kind of an investment advice. It is simply a vision of AsiaX Team and an expression of the trust we have in the Natural diamond industry.

Of course losses may occur when buying and selling a diamond just like any other investment.

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