Asia Coin on Polygon Network

contract ID: 0x50bCBC40306230713239Ae1BdDD5eefEEaa273Dc

Asia Coin traders can now switch networks on MetaMask Wallet and Buy/Sell/Transfer ASIA(tokens) at extremely low fees.

(Same amount of Asia Coin-ERC20

Will stay locked)

The ASIA/USDT pool is set on SushiSwap and users can exchange to/from any other available token.

By switching networks on MetaMask users are able to reduce gas fees expenses to a few cents instead of 10–100 usd worth of gas fees at the traditional decentralized network.

For any questions regarding how to switch between networks and trading pairs feel free to contact our Telegram group and our team will be happy to assist you.



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Asia Coin

Asia Exchange (A crypto to diamonds exchange). Latest thoughts and innovations by AsiaX Team.